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The Chakras

The Chakras ("wheels") are considered energetic (not physcial, but imbalances can result in physical "manifestations") vortexes that correspond to areas of our body and being. Each Chakra has a Sanskrit name and a general location traveling up the body around the spine. Energy in an area of our body can become deficient or excessive at any moment in time since energy is in flux and is constantly changing. As humans we may have certain energetic tendencies based on our past, our heredity, and karma. A few quick questions and you may discover the basic feeling level of your chakras:

When you feel sexually attracted to someone, where in your body do you feel the sensations? a) your left thumb b) the genital area
When you feel betrayed by a friend or lover, where in your body do you feel the sensations?
a) your right thumb b) your gut
When you feel fear or feel love, where in your body do you feel the sensations?
a) your feet b) the heart area

I am pretty sure you chose the answers in the b column, right? Universally, we humans have our strongest energetic and feeling sensations around the area of the so-called chakras. And it gets more interesting from here... Don't take anyone's word for it. Read on and observe your own experiences and feelings as you become aware of your own body.

Recommended Reading on The Chakras

Eastern Body, Western Mind By Anodea Judith
Chakras for Beginners By David Pond

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