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Daniel Hawthorne, UK
Yoga Teacher,
"I have just bought your book, Yoga Posture Adjustments and Assisting and feel I have to let you know what an excellent resource it is. For teachers like myself whose training did not include the methods of adjustment and assisting, and whose income is not sufficient to fund further training on a whim, your book is long overdue. I am delighted with the clarity of the illustrations and descriptions, as well as the thoughtfulness behind each 'What you might say (to help the process)' addition. In a world of yoga sometimes overpopulated with media offering the same, repetitious content, you have offered a rare and important addition and, dare I say, a gift. Many thanks and blessings to you." -Daniel Hawthorne, 3/06
Pat Gresham
Yoga Teacher
"Thank you for the response I have received from my students since receiving your book. I have been teaching for four years, but I have very cautious on hands on adjustments being a male teacher with primarily female students. They have all expressed noticing a difference since I can make correct adjustments with confidence now. Thanks again for helping to take my classes to the next level. Namaste!" -Pat Gresham, 4/06
Janet Dunn-Davenport
Kripalu Yoga Teacher, Montrose, PA
"I simply love your book. It is just what I was looking for. I have lots of notes and papers on assisting, but this book puts it all together in such a systematic, and clear concise way. Sooooo lovely and filled with love and joy." -Janet Dunn-Davenport 3/06
Violet Pasztor Wilson
Founder Canadian Yoga Alliance
"I think your book is fabulous. I have many yoga books, all of which are internationally recognized by some of the most famous yogis in the world; however, I have specifically been looking for quite some time for 'your' book...a simple, hands on, approachable means to assisting yoga students in postures. I found your book to be unpretentious, unintimidating and naturally friendly. This is quite a boon for yoga teachers as well as aspiring yoga teacher's in training. I especially liked the fact that your models were 'real' people; all with different body types and obvious levels of yoga experience. I would like to use your book in my own training program."-Violet Pasztor Wilson 3/06
Christophe Mouze, Yoga Ireland,
"Written by a very experienced teacher and teacher trainer, this book details teaching techniques for nearly 100 yoga postures. Packed with very valuable tips and practical advice,
this book should be near the top of the reading list of anyone currently training to be a yoga teacher, and even experienced teachers will pick up new ideas from it. But it certainly should be on every yoga teacher's bookshelves. In the short time it's been on mine, I have found myself referring to it more than once." -Christophe Mouze, 3/06
Emily Stavrou,
Schuler Books & Music
Promotions Coordinator
Grand Rapids, MI
"This essential posturing/assisting guide for yogis complete with actual photos, succinct explanations, and helpful tips is the complete package for yoga afficionados - beginner through instructor."-Emily Stavrou, 4/06
Kelly Smith
Inner Bliss Yoga Studio
Voted 2005 best yoga teacher in Phila.
"Wow, I really like your book.
I carry it around with me everywhere I go... because it's so helpful.
It was a much needed in the yoga world.
I have learned and relearned so much about assisting,
and was able put tips into practice immediately.
I received positive feedback from several people.
It also helped me to reconnect to you, and your teaching. Thank you!" -Kelly Smith, 2/06
Heidi Prewett
Yoga Teacher Princeton, NJ
Thank you so much for asking me to be a part of it.
I am so proud of you." -Heidi Prewett, 2/06
Martha Watson
Yoga Teacher Hillsborough, NJ
"Oh Stef, I got your book last night!!!
It really is amazing, you must be so proud and happy ...
Thank you for inviting me to be a part of it.
It was neat to see the pictures, and I am so honored you have me in the book." -Martha Watson, 2/06